Can Antarctica become a Mars mission?

JANUARY 31, 2019 Mission Summary – Crew 203 MDRS Crew 203 Universidad Nacional de Colombia Mission summary Crewmembers Oscar I. Ojeda – Commander David Mateus – Executive Officer Yael Méndez – Crew Scientist Liza Forero – Crew Geologist Hermes Bolivar – Greenhab Officer Santiago Vargas – Crew Astronomer Freddy Castañeda – Crew Engineer   Description […]

More Robots Are Coming to Antarctica

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCETUE, DEC 18, ’18   Ironman isn’t Ironman without the suit, but the suit has no power without the man. That is the future of robotic development, people and robots, working together hand-in-hand to accomplish more than we ever thought would be possible. Gartner predicts that by 2025 one in three jobs will be […]

We need more engineers for Mars

How do I get kids excited about engineering?  The Barboza Space Center is on tour helping to get kids excited about STEAM++ (science, technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, mathematics, computer languages, and foreign languages.). You can follow our work at and  We are currently looking for student writers for The U.S. […]

Collecting Samples from Antarctica for Mars projects

We need soil samples and chemists to help with simulated Mars project-based learning October 19, 2018 by Kids Talk RadioLeave a comment California high school students are working with high school students from the Republic of Cabo Verde on simulated Mars project-based learning.   We are collecting soil sample right here on Earth.   What does […]