Repairing Satellites from Antarctica

Students in the USA are working with students in “The Republic of Cabo Verde” on robots repairing satellites.  This is accomplished through a fellowship program designed to train high school students in a simulated space company. The Barboza Space Center is lead by astrosociologist, Bob Barboza in Long Beach, California.  He builds tiger teams to […]

Antarctica Puerto Rico Needs Your Help

  The Lights On Puerto Rico Project We are calling on students, teachers, musicians and music lovers to join us on the making of the theme song “Lights On Puerto Rico”.  This is a not for profit project to help students on  the island of Puerto Rico.   Our goal is to insure that we […]

Space Gloves for Antarctica

What It’s Like to Work in Space, Using Bulky EVA Gloves By Samantha Mathewson, Contributor |’s Samantha Mathewson experienced how difficult it is for astronauts to work in the vacuum of space, using an EVA glove simulator from NASA’s Langley Research Center. Credit: Jeremy Lips/ Tightening a lug nut on the tire of […]

Good Night Reading in Antartica: A Case for Mars

The Case for Mars: On Barboza Space Center Fellowship Program Reading List SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 BY KIDS TALK RADIO The Case for Mars The Barboza Space Center will introduce the book, “The Case for Mars.”  This will be part of our new Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Fellowship Program.   The book will be used to create […]