Sea Ice Reports

Sea ice around Antarctica shrinks to record low Just two years ago, there was a record high level of sea ice in the Southern Hemisphere THOMAS SUMNER FEB 17, 2017 — 4:02 PM EST The extent of sea ice around Antarctica hit a new low in January. This bucks an overall growing trend that has […]

Mars Projects for Antarctica

Could we do a project like this in Antarctica? Mission Summary – Crew 174 Mars Desert Research Station End of Mission Summary Crew 174 – Team PLANETEERS   Team PLANETEERS (All Indian Crew): Commander:  Mamatha Maheshwarappa Executive Officer/Crew Scientist:  Saroj Kumar Engineer/Journalist:  Arpan Vasanth GreenHab Officer:  Sneha Velayudhan Crew Health & Safety Officer/Geologist:  Sai Arun […]

Your DNA in Antarctica: STEM Stories

PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY LYNE LUCIEN/THE DAILY BEAST PROMETHEAN You May Not Like Technology But It Likes You Science and the digital world have overhauled our world, but the stakes just got higher: Now technology wants to remake you, using everything from the internet to stem cells. SCOTT REARDON 01.21.17 9:01 PM ET In Greek mythology, […]

First Antarctica then Mars

NASA is now hiring astronauts for trips to space and Mars that would blast them with radiation, but Crave’s Eric Mack learns that some corners of the world already get a similar treatment.     Why the best Mars colonists could come from places like Iran and Brazil by Eric Mack @ericcmack Mars colonists will […]