Space Gloves for Antarctica

What It’s Like to Work in Space, Using Bulky EVA Gloves By Samantha Mathewson, Contributor |’s Samantha Mathewson experienced how difficult it is for astronauts to work in the vacuum of space, using an EVA glove simulator from NASA’s Langley Research Center. Credit: Jeremy Lips/ Tightening a lug nut on the tire of […]

Good Night Reading in Antartica: A Case for Mars

The Case for Mars: On Barboza Space Center Fellowship Program Reading List SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 BY KIDS TALK RADIO The Case for Mars The Barboza Space Center will introduce the book, “The Case for Mars.”  This will be part of our new Occupy Mars Learning Adventures Fellowship Program.   The book will be used to create […]

We need a soil sample from Antarctica

High School students working at the Barboza Space Center are working on growing better plants for Mars. We need a test-tube size sample of soil from your country for experiments we will be conducting in July, 2018 in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California.  We want to collaborate with other high school students from […]